Hi there! I am Briana and welcome to Pepper & Chalk. We are a local Australian business based in the beautiful South Australian, Adelaide Hills. We specialize in modern and local gifting.
We’re passionate about raising awareness and supporting local Australian businesses and families. We source all our products from Australian businesses, most of which are small, family owned.
Just like the wonderful Georgia James Co. a mum of two, who started a business when looking for ways to reduce waste in the home. Their products are useful, beautiful and eco-friendly. Or just like the inspirational Miracle Mumma a mum of two who’s mission is to raise awareness for premature birth, designing products specifically for premature babies and their families so they know they are not alone and provide comfort to NICU parents worldwide.
Just like our wonderful brands, our gift bundles are curated with love, and with supporting local in mind. We take care to choose items that are perfect just for you.

A little bit more about me:


As a child, I would cut out images from newspapers and catalogues, paste them on an A3 piece of paper for all thing’s gifts. Gifts I wanted and gifts I was planning to buy others. Every single year for Christmas. I was a gift nerd very early on.

I love bragging about my miracle baby boy and my two fur babies (one pictured below!!)
I am passionate about raising awareness for mental health, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), infertility, premature and early birth.
I don’t drink coffee! Yup, you heard me. How do I function? I have no idea. Sometimes I drink Cola.
I am terrified of moths! Give me a spider or snake any day, but when it comes to moths – eeeek!!!
I would choose winter over summer, any day. In fact, my husband and I were meant to honeymoon in Japan for WINTER season. Unfortunately, covid happened! Hopefully soon!! For someone who loves snow, Adelaide is probably the last place you'd find it.
Creative Director, Briana